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The new generation of the VENTEX® explosion protection valve

RICO Sicherheitstechnik AG presents the new generation of its VENTEX explosion protection valve at Solids 2022 in Dortmund.

RICO Sicherheitstechnik AG will present the new generation of the VENTEX® explosion protection valve for explosion isolation at Solids, scheduled for June 22 and 23, 2022 in Dortmund, Germany. At the company’s booth, trade visitors from the bulk solids sector can convince themselves of the product’s numerous advantages. «The VENTEX® valve has a tradition in the market and a well established reputation. It stands for safety and the highest quality made in Switzerland,» explains RICO Managing Director Aleksandar Agatonovic and adds that in the course of further development, optimizations have been achieved that speak for themselves. The explosion protection valve now has a flow velocity of at least 30 m/s in all nominal sizes, ensuring an even higher level of process reliability. The valve can be placed immediately before or after pipe bends in the pipeline. Even double pipe bends or combinations of pipe bends in different directions are flow-technically no problem. In this way, significant advantages in plant design and maximum flexibility are achieved, as customers do not have to reserve as much space and an infeed section is not a prerequisite. The installation distance in the area of organic dusts has also been extended and is between 2 m and 15 m, depending on the nominal size.

«The VENTEX® valve has a tradition in the market and a well established reputation. It stands for safety and the highest quality made in Switzerland. »

Aleksandar Agatonovic, CEO, RICO Sicherheitstechnik AG

In addition, the nominal size DN250, which was not previously offered, has been added to the VENTEX® portfolio and is now available as standard. The maintenance modalities were further improved and important flow and sealing optimizations were created. After all, seals not only prevent a possible flameout, but also dampen the high accelerations when the valve closes in the event of an explosion. «In the course of our research and numerous test setups, we have found that a gasket is advantageous for safety reasons and also less problematic in terms of potential contamination and assembly tolerances than a narrow metallic gap,» explains the CEO. He adds: «In the new generation of our VENTEX® explosion protection valves, all gaskets are no longer glued, but plugged in using a new technology, so that maintenance can be carried out in an equally favorable, simple and fast manner for the benefit of the customer, which also promotes rapid recommissioning. Another highlight is the 20-year warranty that RICO grants for its product if it is serviced regularly and properly maintained. The latter speaks a clear language in terms of quality, reliability and durability».

Aleksandar Agatonovic CEO


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