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Do you have questions about our products and services?

Here you can find out everything about the delivery, installation and maintenance of RICO products. If you are already using one of our products, you will find the documentation in the RICO Cockpit or contact your customer advisor.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I buy a complete system including controls from RICO?

RICO Sicherheitstechnik AG develops and produces explosion isolation components that are considered partly completed machinery according to the Machinery Directive. RICO Sicherheitstechnik AG does not produce or sell control units or detectors. Please contact our partners directly for enquiries in connection with control systems.

What does the gastight version mean?

Explosion isolation valve VENTEX: The “gastight” version is tested for tightness against the environment before delivery. Explosion isolation slide valve RSV: The RSV-G and RSV-P versions are designed in such a way that no gases can get inside the explosion isolation valve. The tightness can be checked on site at any time.

How and where can I obtain spare parts for RICO products?

RICO distributes the explosion isolation components through its partner network. Please contact our partners directly for spare parts enquiries and inform them of the fabrication number which can be seen on the type plate.

In which zones can the explosion isolation components be used?

RICO Sicherheitstechnik AG products are developed for use in ATEX zones. The suitability depends on the choice of mounting parts (switches, pneumatics, etc.). Please observe the information on the installation guideline and the type plate.

Are spare valves available so that maintenance and revision activities can be better planned?

RICO offers the possibility of renting replacement valves to ensure smooth continued operation of the system. If required, please contact us at an early stage via info@rico.ch.

Are there explosion isolation components that are suitable for CIP/WIP processes?

RICO Sicherheitstechnik AG offers various solutions for this purpose. Possible products and designs are:

  • Explosion isolation slide valve RSV-P
  • Explosion isolation valve VENTEX CIP (including connection for the washing nozzle)

Please contact our product management for specific enquiries.

How must the RICO slide valve be fixed separately?

The explosion isolation slide valve must be installed in such a way that it is supported independently of the piping. For this purpose, mounting threads are available on the outside of the slider. In the installation guideline you will find a dimensional drawing which explains this in more detail.

How are the explosion isolation components packed?

  • The explosion isolation valves VENTEX® are screwed individually, upright on an environmentally friendly wooden base. In addition, the valve is protected with a solid cardboard faceplate box. Optionally, the packaging can be made entirely of wood.
  • The explosion isolation slide valves RSV and REDEX® Slide are packed individually in wooden boxes.
  • The explosion isolation flap valves REDEX® Flap are packed individually in wooden boxes.
  • RAPIDO and QUADRO flap valves are packed in wooden crates. Individual flaps separately, for larger quantities also combined in one box.

All wooden packaging complies with the ISPM 15 standard and can be used worldwide.

What are the dimensions and weights of the explosion isolation components?

The weights and dimensions can be taken from the installation guidelines. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Can the RICO slide valve be used as a process slide valve?

Nein. Der Schieber ist eine Sicherheitskomponente und darf daher nicht als Prozesselement verwendet werden.

What installation distances to the explosion isolation components must be observed?

The installation distances are specified in the respective installation guidelines and also depend on the specifications of the expert or partner.

What are the max. permissible explosion pressures?

The explosion pressures are specified in the installation guidelines and depend on the nominal width and design of the respective product. Please note that the products are explosion pressure shock resistant.

For which Kst values are the products designed?

The maximum permissible Kst values are specified in the installation guidelines.

In which installation positions can the explosion isolation components be installed?

Explosion isolation valve VENTEX®: The installation position depends on the type or design of the explosion isolation valve. When ordering and installing the explosion isolation valve, make sure that it is installed in the correct position. Explosion isolation valves designed or produced for one installation position may only be converted for another installation position by RICO Sicherheitstechnik AG.

The explosion isolation slide valve RSV and REDEX® Slide can be installed in any mounting position provided that the installation guidelines are observed.

REDEX® Flap explosion isolation valves can be installed horizontally in compliance with the installation guideline.

What are the installation dimensions of the explosion isolation components?

Please observe the installation guidelines for the exact installation dimensions and measurements. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to provide you with CAD data.

What are the delivery costs?

Delivery costs are charged according to expenditure.

For which media are the explosion isolation components suitable?

The explosion isolation components are suitable for use in lines with dust-laden air, gases and hybrid mixtures (up to gas group IIB). For further details, please contact us and observe the installation guidelines.

What is RICO’s VAT registration number and does RICO have a ZAZ account (centralized settlement procedure)?

RICO VAT Registration No. CHE-106.352.892 MWST ZAZ Account 9551-5

How often do the explosion isolation components need to be serviced?

Please observe the maintenance intervals specified in the operating instructions as well as the instructions defined by the system builder/system supplier.

In which nominal sizes are the explosion isolation valves VENTEX available?

The explosion isolation valves VENTEX are available in the following nominal sizes: DN100, DN150, DN200, DN250, DN300, DN400, DN500 and DN600.

What is the standard delivery time for the explosion isolation components?

The delivery time for an explosion isolation valve VENTEX® ≤ DN 400 made of steel and stainless steel with flanges according to EN1091-1 is 4 weeks. For other nominal sizes, flange standards and designs, please contact us. The delivery time for the explosion isolation slide valve RSV is 4 weeks for the RSV-D and RSV-G versions. For the RSV-P, a delivery time of 10 weeks is to be expected. REDEX Flap explosion isolation valves are delivered within 5 weeks.

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RICO Cockpit

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Our RICO Cockpit allows you to query technical data on installed RICO products – clearly arranged on your monitor. You can also benefit from many other advantages. In addition, the recorded maintenance is documented and can be viewed at any time.

What the RICO Cockpit offers you

Maintenance records always under control
Easily maintain your maintenance records and service partners.

20 years warranty
On our VENTEX® line if you record the valve online after purchase and maintain it regularly.

Paperless sustainable
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